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Christmas Trees

Artificial Trees and Real Trees

Forever Christmas has one of the largest Christmas Tree displays in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter valley and the Port Stephens Districts. We have been supplying Artificial Christmas Trees of the highest quality since 2006, trees that you cannot find in any department store.

We cater for ALL needs and special requirements incl, Homes, Apartments, Units, Caravans and Businesses, small and large. Whatever your space we have a Christmas tree to suit you....

Our range includes Traditional, Slim line, Half trees, Corner trees, Upside down trees, Spiral trees, Tabletop trees, Wall trees and a variety of F/O trees.

Also this year we are proud to be supplying quality REAL CHRISTMAS TREES. They will be available from November 30th and will make a wonderful addition or alternative to your Artificial tree.

*All Artificial Christmas Trees come with a 10 year warranty*
*Fibre Optic Trees come with a 12 month Warranty*

Our Range - Artificial Trees
Forever Christmas
Appalachian Pine

This tree has been designed to look and feel like a natural pine tree. It has a mixture of 3" hard needles and 3" soft inner needles giving a very plush full appearance. This is a very realistic tree.

Available in the 61cm tabletop model in green and also green with a silver frosting.
Also available in a 2.28cm on a metal stand.

Forever Christmas

This tree has been modeled off the beautiful Pine trees found in the Bavarian Alps. Incorporated into this design is the very latest molded material called PE (polyethylene), which results in a very realistic and authentic Christmas Pine. The other tips have 7 separate tips of PE and we then added soft PVC needle arrow tips to complement the design. To create extra fullness 'wings' were added to some of the branches.

Available in 2 sizes 6ft and 7 ft
Colour: Dark Green

Forever Christmas
Bristlecone Fir

This tree is said to be one of the oldest trees in the family of Pines and is A- Line in its shape. It has a combination of hard needle tips on the outside and soft needle tips on the inside. The ends of the hard needle tips are dotted with white, giving a slightly 'wintery' look.

Available in 7 ft only
Colour: Dark Green

Forever Christmas
Grand Empress

Looking for a tree that really stands out? This tree is made with a mixture of 2 styles of tips and 2 palettes of green(21/2" mature dark green tips and 11/2" new growth green tips). For that real snowy mountain feel, we have add white frosted tips.

Available in 4 sizes 5ft, 61/2ft, 71/2 ft and 9ft
Colour: Dark green with white frosted tips

Forever Christmas
Norway Spruce

Perfect for a small apartment, home or office as this tree comes in several smaller sizes.

The 2ft and 3ft versions are made with a plastic stand, ideal for coffee table or countertop.

The 4ft and 5ft deluxe versions are ideal in smaller homes and apartments or as a second tree in the home with soft 21/2" round tips.

Branches reach off the floor.

Colour: Dark green

Forever Christmas
Oxford Spruce

One of our most realistic Christmas trees on offer with its innovative mix of large and small tips. Your guests will think you have removed this tree right from the forest! The branches have 4" cone shaped tips with a narrow lighter colour tip on the ends and 21/2" softer cone shaped tips mixed into the tree.

Available in 3 sizes 6.5 ft, 7.5ft, 8.5ft
Colour: Dark green

Forever Christmas
Radiate Balmoral Pine

Reminiscent of the Blue Mountains Radiate Pines, we use a special material to create a hard needle, rustic and lifelike pine. This tree looks and feels so real you will not be able to tell the difference between the artificial and the natural tree. The tips are 3" wide.

Available in 3 sizes 4.5ft, 6.5ft and 7.5ft
Colour: Dark green
Branches reach close to the floor

Forever Christmas
Scandia Spruce

This tree is found in both commercial and residential areas worldwide. It is suitable for home, office, store, club, hotel and shopping centers. A very plush soft needle Spruce with 21/2" wide round tips it is easy to decorate and light.

Available in 9 sizes 4ft, 6ft,7ft,8ft,10ft,12ft,14ft,16.5ft and 20ft in Dark Green
2 sizes in white 4ft and 7ft

Colour: Dark Green and White
Branches reach close to the floor
*the colour of a white tree is excluded from our 10 year warranty*

Forever Christmas
Vienna Spruce (Also available in Slimline)

Our Most Loved Tree, the Vienna Spruce offers soft tufted tips, perfect to the touch and safe for the children. Made with 31/4" wide tips, this design gives the tree a very natural appearance.

Available in 7 sizes 4ft, 6.5ft, 7.5ft, 8.5ft, 10ft, 12ft, 16.5ft in Hunter Green and
2 sizes in White 6.5ft and 7.5ft

Colour: Hunter Green and White
Branches reach close to the floor
*the colour of a white tree is excluded from our 10 year warranty*

Forever Christmas
Pencil Vienna Spruce

This is the slim version of our most loved tree the Vienna Spruce. Featuring a pencil shape with 3 1/4" tufted tips. The effect is a soft natural looking tree perfect for those who love our most popular tree but can't accommodate its size.

Available in 4 sizes 6.5ft, 7.5ft, 9ft and 12ft
The larger sizes are great for stairwells.

Colour: Hunter Green also
BLACK in 6.5ft (shimmer cut)

Forever Christmas
Pencil Pine

The perfect tree for a tight spot. This slim line design features 2 1/2" wide tips and down swept branches making it easy to decorate. The larger sizes are great for stairwells.

Available in 6 sizes 4.5ft, 6ft, 7.5ft, 10ft, 12ft, 16.5ft

Colour: Dark Green
White 7.5ft only
* the colour of a white tree is excluded from our 10 year warranty*

Forever Christmas
Spiral Tree

Want to make a statement?
This tree makes for a unique statement... The Hinged Spiral Tree looks like you have trimmed a pine tree to create an impressive, eye-catching display.

Made with the sturdy metal and high quality foliage as all of our trees only a small space is required for the spiral tree to make a truly spectacular look in any home, store or club.

Available in 7.5ft

Colour: Dark Green

Forever Christmas
Upside Down Tree

If you are looking for the UNUSUAL and want to make a creative statement, this full size Scandia tree turned UPSIDE DOWN will do it.

Designed like a normal tree but the upside is down and the downside is up! The branches have been designed in reverse and a special stand keeps the trees balance.

Easy to decorate and longer ornaments hang perfectly.

This tree will make you the talk of the town......

Available in 7ft only

Colour: Dark Green

Forever Christmas
Half Upside Down Tree

This Christmas tree stands on it own frame and can be placed flat against a wall. This tree has been designed to display a large amount of decorations and take up a small amount of space. It can also make a great topic of conversation or a point of difference with your display.

Available in 7ft only

Colour: Dark Green

Forever Christmas
Half Trees

The back of this tree stands flush against the wall and still gives the effect of a full Christmas tree from the front! Taking only half the space of a full Christmas tree. This tree is the same as our Scandia Spruce range in appearance and is constructed with a special base support for extra sturdiness. Made with very soft plush needles with 2 1/2" wide round tips, easy to light and decorate. This tree is ideal for those with small spaces, shop windows, clubs,hotels and shopping centers.

Available in 3 sizes, 6.5ft, 7ft and 7.5ft

Colour: Dark Green

Forever Christmas
Corner Trees

This tree is like our Half Christmas tree only goes one better and utilises only a corner. It still appears to look like a full tree but saves even more space. This tree is the same in appearance as our Scandia Spruce, although it is also available in a frosted tip like our Grand Empress range. Ideal for those with small spaces, apartments, stores, clubs, shopping centres and hotels.

Available in 7ft

Colour: Dark Green and Dark Green with frosted tips

Forever Christmas
Wall Trees

This tree can be displayed either right side up or upside down and mount flat against the wall. These trees look good hung high on a wall or on a large door or even a column.

Made with very soft plush needles 2 1/2" wide round tips.

Ideal for store, club, hotel, shopping centers, apartments (when there’s no room for a tree), or anywhere your imagination takes you...

Available in 2 sizes only 3ft and 5ft

Colour: Dark Green

Real Christmas Trees

These trees are cut fresh from the farm and will live for up to 4 weeks in your home. Our Christmas trees come in a number of different sizes. Each of these trees is cut specifically for the Christmas market and are always delivered fresh as they are cut on a daily basis.

Our Christmas trees come in a number of sizes.

    • Small (approximately 1.5 to 2mtrs) - $75
    • Medium (approximately 2 to 2.5mtrs) - $85
    • Large (Trees over 2.7 mtrs) - $110 by order

AVAILABLE FOR SALE: First 2 weekends of December.

Pick up only.

Tree Stands are available for sale if required.

Real Christmas Tree Care Instructions

Your tree should stay fresh and green with a pleasant fresh pine aroma for up to 4 weeks if kept under the right conditions.

  • STEP 1- After choosing your tree, spend 5 minutes cleaning any loose pine needles and other unwanted material that has built up naturally in the base of the tree. Your tree will look better and there will be less to pick up off the floor later.
  • STEP 2- Cut 1-2 inches off the base of the stump of the tree before placing it into a stand or bucket. This will allow your real Christmas tree to breathe and absorb sufficient water to maintain freshness.
  • STEP 3- Hose your tree down in a shady spot, doing a thorough yet careful job and giving it a good shake afterwards. This removes any loose pine needles and freshens up your tree. NOTE: ALWAYS let your tree dry in the shade and NOT in direct sunlight as this may burn your tree!
  • STEP 4- Keep your tree topped up with water! This is a MUST, if you want your tree to last as long as possible. Your tree will drink up to 2 litres of water in the first few days alone!!! Please check your trees' water level DAILY. You will need to do this whether you use a tree stand or bucket. No sand or dirt is required.
  • STEP 5- Position your Real Christmas Tree in a cool area of your home out of direct sunlight, television sets and other heat sources as they will prematurely dry out your tree.

Please note that as it is impossible for us to know if you have carefully adhered to these tree care instructions, we are unable to replace or refund your Christmas tree if it does not last the full 4 weeks.